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Heather Morrissey Photography believes that the photographer you choose should fit as well as anything else on your wedding day. Below are some of the more important questions you should ask while interviewing perspective photographers, and Heather's answers to those questions.


Q: What is the photographer's primary style -- traditional, candid or posed?
My primary style is photojournalistic, documentary and art photography. In addition, my formal portraits are natural and lively and hardly seem posed at all. My goal is not to just photograph the event, but to "capture" the behind-the-scenes, candid moments before and after the event.

Q: What is the photographer's philosophy about shooting weddings? (This question should give you a sense of the photographer's expertise and passion for her work.)
My philosophy on shooting weddings is storytelling through my images and creating a visual record of the emotions that happen throughout the day. With over 10 years experience as a photojournalist, I have found that some of life's most precious moments happen 'backstage' when the world isn't watching. My process in capturing these 'moments of the day' is to sit back and observe life unfolding, being as unobtrusive as possible. My goal is to provide you with a visual record of the emotions and events of your day, no matter how big or subtle, to give you memories that will last forever not just in your heart, but in your Wedding Photo Album.

Q: Does the photographer shoot in color, black and white, or both?
A: I shoot weddings digitally, in color. If a client would like one or more images in Black and White, color can be removed on the computer. I am also equipped to shoot film if a client prefers, however there are addition fees to cover the expense of film, processing and prints.

Q: What kind of camera does the photographer use? Does the photographer own or rent back up equipment?
A: I am fully digital, using state of the art, Nikon equipment, the same equipment that is used by the top photojournalists in the world. I use a Nikon D1X, which is a 5.5 megapixel camera, along with several Nikon Lenses. For back up, I use Nikon N90s and a N8008 film camera.

Q: Will the photographer you talk to be the one who will be photographing your wedding? (This question is important because each photographer's style is unique.)
A: I work independently, so I will be the one photographing your wedding. However, if interested in having 2 photographers shoot your wedding this can be arranged. I have several other photojournalists that I work with.

Q: Has the photographer shot many weddings?
A: I had been shooting only 5-6 weddings a year for many years because I worked full-time as a news photographer. Now I freelance full-time and am available to photograph weddings any time of year. Besides being an experienced wedding photographer, I have an extensive background in photojournalism, last working for Gannett News Service in Washington, DC. covering Capitol Hill and traveling internationally and in the U.S. for special projects.

Q: How many weddings would the photographer shoot on your wedding day.
A: I only shoot one wedding per day.

Q: Is the photographer open to a list of must-take photos?
A: I am completely opened to a list of "must take" photos, understanding that this is a necessity with every wedding. But I also offer suggestions based on my creative talents and experiences. If the bride and groom want to orchestrate the entire day, then I may not be the photographer for them. The quality of my images depend on my artistic freedom to pursue my visions and shoot in my natural style.

Q: What happens if, God forbid, the photographer suffers a grave illness or is unable to photograph the wedding for any other reason?
I, or any of my associates, will do everything within their means to contact another photojournalist with wedding experience to take over my duties. Any and all monies paid by you for services that were to be rendered on your wedding day will be refunded. I have many close friends and associates who are qualified to photograph your wedding. That replacement will call you, and you will decide whether you wish to hire him/her. At this point, my contractual obligations with you end. But understand that I, nor any other photographer, cannot guarantee a replacement.

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Heather Martin Morrissey Photography, Photojournalist, Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia as well as the Alexandria Bay area. Heather is a former Staff photographer with the Observer-Dispatch and is now with Gannett News Service in Washington. Heather Martin Morrissey freelances in the Washington area specializing in wedding, editorial, portrait & children photography. http://HeatherMorrissey.com